There are different types of user account. Analysts are the only type of user that can log in to the Ivanti Console and Web Desk. However, you may want other users to have some access to the information in your system. For this reason, there are other types of user account that can log in to Ivanti Self Service only. The different types of user account are:

Only analyst accounts use a license.

You have to log in using an User ID and password, which prevents unauthorized users from gaining access. Passwords can be between one and 60 alphanumeric characters in length and are not case sensitive. If a user loses or forgets a password, a system supervisor who has a role to enable update privileges for User must set up a new password.

You can also set up users to use Integrated Login. That is, they do not need to specify their login information in order to log in, as the information from their Windows login is used. For information, see Setting up users to use integrated or secure token logon.

The following procedure details how to create a new Analyst. You create other users in a similar way.

You can also import your users from other data sources, for more information, see Importing data from an existing data source.

To create a new analyst:
  1. In the Administration component, expand the User Management tree.
  2. Expand the Users folder, and click the Analyst folder, then on the Actions list, click New Analyst User.
    The Analyst window appears.
  3. Complete the relevant information then click .
  4. On the User Management tree, select the new analyst, then on the Actions list, click Set Password.
    The Change Password dialog appears.
  5. Type the new password, then retype it to confirm the spelling.
  6. Click OK.
    The analyst will use this password to log in.
  7. Click .
    When you have created all of the required users, you can then link those users with the relevant groups, roles and configuration items.

You can modify and delete users (and groups and roles) by selecting them in the User Management tree, then clicking the required action. You cannot delete the SA user or the Administrators role.

When you have assigned a user a role and/or to a group, you can use the Create Similar Analyst action to create similar users to save you time when setting up your system.

Users can change their own password by clicking on the toolbar. The Change Password dialog appears enabling them to change their own password.

When you have created a user, you can then link that user with a group and configuration item. For information about linking users to groups, see Groups. For information about linking users with configuration items, see User configuration items.