Setting up Event Manager

Before you can use Event Manager, there are certain additional steps you need to take to complete its setup:

  1. The Framework web application needs to be configured on the Web server.
  2. The Event Manager service needs to be created on the Application Services server.

These first two items are part of the Service Desk or Asset Manager installation – see the Setup Guide for more information.

  1. The Framework web application needs to be configured to log on using a System user account.

For information about configuring Framework for Event Manager, see Configuring the Framework web application.

  1. The third party application needs to be configured to broadcast events for the Event Logging executables to use.

For information about configuring your third party application, refer to the documentation provided with that application.
For information about installing the Event Logging executables, see Setting up the Event Logging executables.

  1. Privileges to use the Event Manager component in the Ivanti Console need to be given to the appropriate groups or roles.

For information about setting this privilege, see Setting privileges for Event Manager.