Integration process

To integrate your desktop management system, you need to:

  1. Create some registration information on any workstations from which you want to use the integration between Web Desk and SCCM 2012, or from which you want to use any links between Web Desk and external applications. A batch file is provided to help with this. For more information, see Creating the registration information.
  2. Ensure that you have a business object that you can use to link to your desktop management system (for example, a Configuration Item). For more information, see the Designer Guide.
  3. Create a connection to your desktop management system, specifying the relevant connection details.
  4. Specify the business object and attribute that you will use to identify the correct item within your desktop management system.
  5. Modify the required windows to enable the desktop management menu. For more information, see Modifying windows to show desktop management menus.
  6. Set the appropriate Configuration\Desktop Management privileges in the Administration component. For more information, see the Administrator Guide,and for additional SCCM requirements, see SCCM User Permissions.