Secure Apps on Android Devices - User Perspective

From a device user perspective, AppConnect apps are called secure apps. You configure whether a device uses secure apps, and you determine which secure apps are downloaded and installed on the device. From the device user’s perspective, a secure app:

  • keeps its data secure.
    A secure app can share its data and files only with other secure apps.
  • requires the device user to log in with a secure apps passcode, if you require one.
    Logging in one time with the secure apps passcode allows the device user to access all the secure apps.
  • overlays its icon with a special badge that indicates it is a secure app.

The Ivanti UEM client app works with the Secure Apps Manager app to download, install, and manage the secure apps. The Secure Apps Manager is downloaded and installed along with the secure apps.

The device user does the following tasks relating to secure apps:

  1. Downloading and installing the secure apps
  2. Creating the secure apps passcode
  3. Choosing a more complex AppConnect passcode
  4. Recovering the AppConnect passcode when forgotten

Also related to secure apps, the device user sees: