Managing Policies

Ivanti EPMM uses policies to regulate the behavior of the devices it manages. Each policy consists of a set of rules. You can create multiple policies for each policy type, but only one active policy of each type can be applied to a specific device.

Refer to Getting Started with Ivanti EPMM for information on the most commonly used policy topics, such as:

  • Default policies
  • Security policies
  • Privacy policies
  • Lockdown policies
  • Sync policies

The topics in this chapter include the following advanced topics:

For User Enrollment, Ivanti recommends using the label "Apple User Enrolled Device" + "Equals" + "True" or ios.apple_user_enrolled_device = true."

For information on Mobile Threat Defense, including the MTD Local Actions policy, see theIvanti Mobile Threat Defense Solution Guide for EPMM.