Securing and managing an Android AppConnect app

An Ivanti server administrator configures how mobile device users can use secure enterprise applications. The administrator sets the following app-related settings that impact your AppConnect app’s behavior:

This feature sometimes requires additional development because an AppConnect app can use HTTP/HTTPS tunneling only if the app accesses the enterprise server using certain APIs.

This feature requires additional app development.

The following steps show the flow of information from the Ivanti server to an AppConnect app:

  1. The server administrator decides which app-related settings to apply to a device or set of devices.
  2. The server sends the information to the client app ([email protected], Go, or AppStation).
  3. The client app passes the information to the AppConnect app. The client app, the Secure Apps Manager (or Secure Apps Manager for AppStation), and the AppConnect app wrapper enforce the app-related settings.

For information about AppConnect for Android from the perspective of an Ivanti server administrator, see:

  • AppConnect Guide for Core
  • Ivanti Neurons for MDM Administrator Guide