Cloud Secure – PingOne Integration Configuration Guide

Cloud Secure Solution provides Secure Single Sign-On for Cloud services using PingOne as Identity Management Provider. In this federated solution, PingOne acts as both Identity Provider (for Cloud services) and Service Provider (for Pulse Connect Secure). PingOne allows Pulse Connect Secure to be configured as Third Party SAML Identity Provider to enable Secure Single Sign-On to Cloud applications.

This document provides configuration of PingOne SP on Pulse Connect Secure, configuration of Zendesk Service Provider and PingOne. This document does not cover basic configurations on Pulse Connect Secure (PCS) and Pulse Workspace Mobile Device Management (PWS) Server which are required to be enabled before configuring PingOne and cloud service specific configurations outlined in this document. Basic configurations of PCS and PWS are covered as part of Cloud Secure Admin Guide.

MobileIron and AirWatch Third-party MDM servers can also be used in this solution to manage devices and to evaluate compliance posture of the mobile devices.