Job History

At Jobs > Job History, you can view when Jobs were started, how long they ran, what they were about, which Agent(s) performed them, which status they received, who triggered the Jobs, and whether they were part of a Run Book. Ivanti Automation stores information about all the Jobs in the Job History exactly as those Jobs were configured at the moment of scheduling. The Job history is not affected when you change or delete Modules, Projects or Run Books; only when you change or delete Resources.

A finished Job can have any of the following statuses:




The Job was aborted by an administrator during its execution.


The Job was canceled before it was executed.


The Job has completed without any errors.


The Job has completed, but not all Tasks were performed correctly. On the Task's Properties tab, Continue Job on error was enabled.


The Job did not finish correctly. Stop Job on error was enabled and an error occurred.


  • Use the Filter button to limit the results on:
    • Status
    • Date (after, before or specific range)
    • Run Book Jobs
    • Recurring Jobs
  • Click Auto-refresh to refresh the page automatically. This will refresh information on the page every 10 seconds. By default, the auto-refresh functionality is disabled. Your selection is browser- and computer-specific: it will be stored as a cookie on the computer from which you access the Management Portal. If, for some reason, you should delete this cookie, the default behavior will apply again.
  • The runbook_icon_gray indicates that this was a Run Book Job. The details show which Run Book Job was executed by which Agent.
  • The column Who shows which Agents or Teams executed a Job.
  • The column Invoker shows who triggered the Job. If the Job was triggered by a Team, this usually means that the Job was performed because a Team member was added to or removed from the Team.


For every Job the following actions are available: