Schedule a new Job

At Jobs > Scheduling, you can execute the Modules, Projects and Run Books that have been configured by scheduling them in a Job. When you schedule a Job, you combine Modules, a Project or a Run Book (What) and Agents/Teams (Who) with a specific time (When). In effect, you are saying: "the following items should be executed by the following Agents at the following moment."


To schedule a new Job from an existing item:

  1. Open the relevant item in the Agents, Teams, Modules, Projects and Run Books sections.
  2. Select Schedule.

To schedule a new Job without any prefilled properties:

  1. Select New from Jobs.

Alternatively, you can schedule a Job unattended, using the Public Web API or via a command-line option.

When viewing or changing the configuration details of an existing Job, or when rescheduling a finished Job, the same configuration page opens.


  • On the Properties tab specify:
    • When the Job should be executed
    • What should be executed
    • Who should execute the Job
    • If a Job should run in parallel with other Jobs
  • On the Parameters tab review the Job parameters values. This tab is only shown if the input settings of the used parameters specify that new values are required when scheduling the Job.

    If the parameters on the tab have not been reviewed yet, an indication will be shown with the number of required parameters:

    If specified in the input settings of the parameters, a confirmation request with the provided parameter values is shown directly after the schedule.

The use of parameter values from a CSV file to feed information into Tasks from a spreadsheet is not supported in the Management Portal. Please refer to the Ivanti Automation Console.

  • On the Resulting Jobs tab (available for Run Books only) view which Jobs will be executed by which Agents.
  • On the Resulting Tasks and Resulting Agents tabs (available for regular Jobs only) view which Tasks will be executed by which Agents.
  • Click the Reload Jobs/Agents button to update changes to Jobs, Tasks and Agents if you made changes to any of them after the Run Book or Job was scheduled (for example, a Recurring Job).