Installing and Configuring Licensing

VDX Licensing can be installed on any machine in the network. The installation includes the Licensing Service and the Licensing Console. For details about these components, see VDX Components.

To install VDX Licensing, run the Ivanti VDX Installer or the Ivanti-VDX-Licensing MSI after extracting the component. For more details, see Installing VDX.

VDX licenses can be managed from a different machine than where the Licensing component is installed. This requires installing the Admin Pack on that machine. For more details, see Installing Other VDX Components.

If you use Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender in combination with Ivanti Workspace Control, VDX licenses are managed from the Workspace Control Console.

Installing on a different machine

If installing VDX Licensing on a different machine than where the Ivanti VDX Installer is used, follow these steps:

  1. Run the Ivanti VDX Installer.

  2. On the welcome screen, click Next.

  3. Select the option Extract all components and then click Next.

  4. Select the destination where to extract the VDX components and then click Finish.

  5. Once the extraction is completed, click Close to exit the Installer.

  6. Open the folder where the VDX components were extracted and copy the appropriate installation file to the other machine:

    • For 32-bit computers, use Ivanti-VDX-Licensing(x86).msi.

    • For 64-bit computers, use Ivanti-VDX-Licensing(x64).msi.

  7. Run the MSI file and follow the installation wizard prompts to install VDX Licensing.

Configuring VDX Licensing

After installing VDX Licensing, the VDX Licensing Service and the VDX Licensing Console components are available in the Start Menu. Use the VDX Licensing Console to set up licensing for VDX:

Consider the following:

  • The Licensing Service supports Port Sharing and the default port is TCP 808.

  • Immediately after installing VDX Licensing, no licenses are available yet.

  • When canceling the License Wizard and no licenses are available, VDX can be used for a grace period of five minutes after which VDX terminates.