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Management Tabs

The management tabs provide information relating to the currently selected region or folder. For example, if the selected folder is Chicago, these tabs display information for Chicago and any of its sub-folders.

Enrollment Tab

The Enrollment tab provides a panel that lists all of the enrollment rules for smart devices. The Enrollment Rules panel displays the enrollment rules associated with the region or folder that is selected in the navigation tree and its sub-folders. For information about enrollment rules, see Creating Enrollment Rules for Smart Devices.

Inventory Tab

The Inventory tab provides panels that show the mobile devices, device servers, and mobile device groups associated with the currently selected region or folder.

Profiles Tab

The Profiles tab provides panels listing applied profiles, available profiles, and available payloads for the selected folder. The Applied Profiles panel displays the profiles that are currently applied to the folder and the type, status, and priority of those profiles. The Available Profiles panel displays all profiles that are available to be applied to the current folder. For information on applying a profile to a folder, see Applying Profiles.

Reports Tab

The Reports tab provides panels that allow you to create, run, and view reports. For information on about creating and running reports, see Configuring Reports.

Dashboards Tab

The Dashboards tab provides graphical reports on information about the devices in your inventory.

Tools Menu

The Tools menu provides access to the Alerts, Android Enterprise, Audit Log, Maps, Scheduled Tasks, System Settings, System Users, Central FileStore, and Licensing. For tasks related to the Tools menu, see Console Tools.

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