Managing Mobile Devices

This section provides information about managing devices after they have connected to the Avalanche server. It includes the following topics:

Using the Mobile Device Inventory: The mobile devices panel displays information about your device inventory. Details include the device model, if the device is compliant with its associated compliance payload, if the device is up to date, and the last time the device checked in. This section describes device tasks, searching your inventory, creating filters, and editing the columns displayed in the panel.

Viewing Mobile Device Details: The Mobile Device Details page appears when you click on the name of a mobile device. It provides information about the specific mobile device. This section describes locating devices, viewing location history, and the different information panels available in the Mobile Device Details page.

Device Tasks from the Console: This section describes the device tasks available through the Mobile Device Details page, including update, wipe, ping, send message, chat, locate, lock, and unlock.

Configuring Device Properties: View mobile device properties and create custom device properties from the Mobile Device Details page. Properties can be used as selection variables in selection criteria to control which devices receive particular profiles. This section describes creating custom properties and editing properties.

Managing Mobile Device Groups: Mobile device groups allow you to manage multiple devices simultaneously, using the tools available for managing individual mobile devices. Each mobile device can be a member of multiple mobile device groups. This section describes the different types of mobile device groups, creating device groups, and sending messages to device groups.

Creating Blackout Times: Blackout times can be specified on managed Android devices to prevent the Enabler from performing tasks while a device is in use. This prevents downtime and limits bandwidth usage during peak times. This section describes how to specify and view blackout times.

Using Remote Control: Avalanche integrates Smart Device Remote Control for Android devices and Avalanche Remote Control for Windows Mobile/CE (AIDC) and Samsung SAFE devices. This section describes enabling remote control for Android and AIDC devices.

For information on connecting a device to Avalanche , see Connecting Devices to the Avalanche Server.