Using the Printer Inventory

The printer inventory shows a set of printers based on the currently selected folder in the navigation tree. Details include the printer model, the printer's status, and the last time the printer checked in.

Clicking on the icon next to the printer model opens the printer details page. Here you can view information about your printer and perform remote tasks. For more information, see Viewing Printer Details and Printer Tasks from the Console.

Use the search box to search the inventory for a specific printer.

Printer folders

Printer management uses dynamic placement to assign newly enrolled printers to folders. It is important to create a folder with printer selection criteria before enrolling printers. For more information about folders and folder assignments, see Managing Locations.

A good way to start organizing your printers is to create a parent folder to gather all Zebra printers, then child folders for specific models. For example:

Manufacturer = Zebra*

Model = 105SL

Model = ZM400

Model = ZT510

To create a folder with selection criteria for printers

1.In the Navigation Tree, select where you want to add the folder and click New Folder.

The New Folder page appears.

2.Type a name for the folder in the text box.

3.If you do not want inherited profiles and device groups to be visible, enable the Hide inherited profiles and device groups option.

4.Next to Printer selection criteria, click Launch Wizard to configure selection criteria for the folder.

5.Enter selection criteria for the folder.
For example, entering Manufacturer = Zebra* will put all of your Zebra printers into this folder. For information about creating more specific selection criteria, see Using Selection Criteria.

6.(Optional) Configure the latitude and longitude so the new folder is displayed on the map. Click the Use map to plot button to set the latitude and longitude by clicking on the map.

7.Click Save.

8.Perform or schedule a deployment. For more information, see Deploying Changes and Scheduling Reboots.