Deploying Projects

If your mobile devices currently use the Wavelink Velocity Client, projects created and edited with the Velocity Console can be mass distributed manually or by using mobile device management (MDM) software like Wavelink Avalanche.

Before you can distribute projects to devices with the Velocity Client, you must first deploy all necessary elements of a project. The deployment creates a .wldep file containing all scripts, images, keyboards, themes, and other resources needed to use the project. For more information, see Deploying Projects from the Velocity Console.

Once your project is deployed as a .wldep file, distribute them to devices using one of the following methods:

Manually via a USB cable. After deploying a project with the Velocity Console, you can manually place the file on an SD card for immediate use on Android devices. For more information, see Deploying Projects to Devices Manually.

From the Avalanche Console with an Avalanche License. If your devices are managed in Avalanche, you can use Velocity-specific payloads to deliver changes directly to your devices for hands-free installation. For more information, see Deploying Projects to Devices using Avalanche Licensed.

Using another MDM software. If your devices are managed by another MDM software similar to Avalanche, you can create file payloads through alternate services to distribute the .wldep file containing your project. This compressed file is not specific to Avalanche, and can be deployed through any service capable of delivering files to external SD cards on a Smart device.


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