Using the Keyboard Editor

When you select the Keyboards tab in the Velocity Console, you can immediately begin creating custom keyboards from existing templates.

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Below is a list of common actions you can perform:

To rename a keyboard, open the desired keyboard and click Edit > Rename Keyboard or double-click on the keyboard name in the Editor panel.

To create a custom keyboard from a template, click New (+) in the Keyboards panel, select a template, and enter a new name for the keyboard. To change the layout of keys on a keyboard, see Editing keyboard templates.

To import a local custom keyboard, click Import in the Keyboards panel and select a custom keyboard from another project. To import keyboards contained in another project or on another computer, you must first export that project. To export or import keyboards, see Importing and exporting a project.

To remove a keyboard from your open project, open the desired keyboard. Then click Edit > Remove Keyboard in the menu. The keyboard is removed from your project. This does not delete the keyboard in its entirety, only the link to the project. To delete a keyboard, you must navigate to [User documents folder]\AppData\Local\Velocity Console\KeyboardEditor\Library\KeyboardLibrary.xml, open the file, and delete all text for that keyboard between the <layout></layout> tags that contain the name of your keyboard.

To change the appearance of text and colors on keys, select the desired key and pick a style from the Key Details panel. You can also change the default style for keys by selecting the Settings button in the Editor panel and changing the Default Style option. You can also create and edit styles, as described in Using the keyboard style editor.