What's New in Environment Manager?

Version 2020.3

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

File Type Association for UWP apps

The Environment Manager2020.3 release extends support for file type association to now include both Win32 apps and UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps. The File Type Association action dialog requires administrators to select the application type radio button and then select or specify the app required. The list of UWP apps available for selection is generated automatically by Environment Manager but can be manually edited if required.

Watch a short video overview

See File Type Association for further information.

Configure action delay

Environment Manager 2020.3 introduces new options for the configuration of delays to actions. It is now possible to simply specify the action delay required using the Delay tab which forms part of the Actions dialog. Previously, action delays were configured using Custom Actions and the use of a scripting language.

See Configuring Actions for further information.

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