What's New in Environment Manager?

Version 2020.2

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

Windows 10 Start Menu Builder

This release introduces the Environment Manager Windows 10 Start Menu Builder - a great new feature that provides a matchless solution to deployed Start menu customization.

It provides the ability to quickly create user-centric menus for different users

As an administrator, you can customize the UWP and Win32 apps listed, and create a tile layout from just one simple-to-use interface

You can easily maintain and manage the customized menus as your user needs evolve or when Windows updates result in unwanted changes.

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The customized menu is created as an action on a logon trigger and saved as part of the configuration. You can create as many different Start menus as required and deploy them to whichever user groups you specify. The default list of Windows applications available in the Start Menu Builder wizard is supplied by an XML file which can easily be replaced or modified from within the wizard itself.

For more information see Windows 10 Start Menu Builder.

File type exclusions for Windows settings groups

Custom Windows settings enable you to personalize registry keys, particular folders, and files by specifying which of these are to be included (or excluded) from the personalization database. Environment Manager 2020.2 provides an improved user workflow and allows you to exclude specific file types without having to specify their folder path.

Custom Windows settings can be applied to your Windows settings groups and the exclusions honored. The enhancement provides greater flexibility when specifying exclusions, and more targeted results.

See Custom Windows settings for more information.

Sync of Windows Settings over VPN

At logon, a sync of the user’s Personalized Windows Settings preferences is attempted. The result of this sync is dependent upon a stable connection having already been established with the Personalization Server.

As of Environment Manager 2020.2 an Engineering Key is now available which can ensure the timings of the sync and the VPN connection are aligned. This supports delivery of a familiar, personalized user desktop regardless of location and connection type.

Please refer to Enable VPN Sync for WSGs.

Easier Access to Further Information

In addition to this online help system, Ivanti provides a wealth of supporting information in the form of online documents, help videos and curated community articles. In the 2020.2 release we have collated these resources into a summary table and made this available via the Release Notes and from the online Help landing page.

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