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Version 2021.1

In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included in this release.

New base image

File Director 2021.1 is delivered as both a patch and a new appliance base image. Deploying a new base image is the recommended upgrade method.

The patch can be applied to existing deployments (version 2019.3 or later). Base images can be deployed on VMWare (ESXi 6.7 or later) and HyperV (2012R2 or later) hypervisors. Refer to 2021.1 ugrade for important information.

Removal of shared external database requirement

The 2021.1 release of File Director removes the requirement for an external SQL database. This development simplifies infrastructure requirement and File Director configuration.

Database tab removed

The Database settings options have been removed from the web admin and text-based console.

With user and device data no longer stored in a database, this development results in a number of further, associated changes.

Snapshots are configuration-only

Without user or logged-in device data any appliance configuration snapshot you create will be configuration only. Refer to Backup an appliance configuration for more information.

Verified device functionality removed

Without stored device data, devices are no longer assigned Verified status. This has resulted in simplification of a number of policies and workflows.

Account lockout

The policy for Failed Login Attempts is determined from Web Admin console (Policy > Global). If a user exceeds the attempts permitted, their account is temporarily locked for a configurable period no greater than one hour. Once unlocked, the failed login counter is reset.
Refer to Locked users for more information

Remote wipe

Remote wipe functionality has been removed.
Refer to Failed login attempts

IP restriction

The IP based restriction policy has been removed.
Refer to IP address login restrictions

Change appliance password from web admin

A link has been added to the Status page of the web admin console to enable the appliance password to be reset at any time. Previously the password could be reset only from the text console.
Refer to Change appliance password for more information.

Kerberos authentication

A Test button has been added to the Kerberos Preauthentication dialog. The test allows you to quickly validate the Kerberos authentication credentials entered. Refer to Kerberos authentication.

10GB compatible network adapter for VMware appliances

The base image for File Director 2021.1 includes the VMXNET3 network adapter providing support for a 10GB network capability. Refer to Appliance prerequisites for more information.

Client logging

The log file size for the circular logging mode is now configurable via an engineering key or via the Client Policy Tool. The default log size for the circular logging mode is 512 MB. Configuring this option allows the client to create a larger log file and so increases the likelihood of capturing the issue.

Environment variable support

The use of environment variables in Path based expressions is now supported. Refer to Expressions for further information.

Dashboard updates

This release includes updates to the existing Overview and Performance dashboards. Dashboards visualize the File Director syslog stream and are a valuable monitoring tool. They can be downloaded for free from the Ivanti Marketplace and used as they are, or further tailored for your own requirements.

For a description of dashboard components and how to interpret their data refer to Dashboards.

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