License Unit Properties General Tab

You can view and change general information about the selected license unit(s).

  • Name: The first field in this tab displays the selected license unit's name.
  • Licensing: By default, all license units are "unmanaged" until you specify a type of licensing agreement. You can specify the type of licensing agreement your organization has for the application this license unit contains.
  • Meter this license unit: Check this box if you want this license unit to be metered.
  • Allocations: If you selected the Concurrent Licensing option, select Allocations to view how concurrently licensed applications are distributed across groups of machines. You can also specify new allocations here.
  • Purchase required: Select Yes for any license units for which you want to require purchases, or No for any license units that don't require payment. For more information, see Purchase Required Setting.
  • Manufacturer The manufacturer is displayed in this text box. If you select Manufacturers, you can select a manufacturer from a list, or add/change manufacturer information.
  • Category: The software category that includes this license unit is shown. Click Categories to select a category from a list, or add, delete, or change categories.
  • Notes: Enter any additional information about the license unit in this text box.

If you make any changes to these options, select OK to exit and save those changes.

The name of the selected license unit precedes the words "License Unit Properties" in the title bar.