Machine Properties Options Tab

Specify metering and inventory options for selected Windows machine(s).

Getting There

Metering options

The following metering options are available:

  • Enable metering: Lets you use the metering feature on the selected machine(s).

By default, metering is enabled, if your license allows you to use this feature.

Inventory options

The following inventory options are available:

  • Enable inventory: Lets you use the inventory feature on the selected machine(s); this option is selected by default.
  • Collect extended inventory information: By default, this option is unchecked. Leave the Collect extended inventory option unchecked if the selected machines are remote. See Gathering Inventory Data for more information.
  • Perform scheduled inventory only when user is logged in: By default, this option is unchecked, so scheduled inventories for this machine(s) will not require a logged-in user to run.
    When this option is set, inventories are run in the context of the logged-in user instead of system context.
  • Override default inventory start date/time: Check this option, which is cleared by default, if you want to override the default date and time to start the inventory process, and instead set a specific date and time to start the first complete inventory scan. By default, the first scan occurs immediately after the agent installation completes, and subsequent scans occur every month thereafter.

CAM Access Point drop-down list box

You can also view the following information for the selected machine(s) in this tab:

  • The access point to report to
  • Proxy server information, if used

This box displays the access point assignment for the machine(s).

Proxy server options

The following options display information only if you use a proxy server:

  • Proxy list: Displays the name of the proxy server machine.
  • Bypass list: Displays the proxy bypass information.
The name of the selected machine is shown in the title bar in place of the word "machine" or, if multiple machines are selected, the number of machines is shown.