How to Discover Oracle Databases

Discover Oracle databases to collect licensing data from Oracle Database instances. You can then review your licenses and view data in reports.


  1. If you have Oracle databases running on virtual machines, run virtual environment discovery.
  2. Run Linux/Unix/Mac OS discovery to find machines that have Oracle databases installed on them.
Oracle Database discovery is not currently supported on Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems.

Configure Oracle Database Discovery

After you complete the prerequisites and discover any Linux/Unix/Mac OS or virtual machines with Oracle databases installed on them, configure Oracle Database discovery as follows:

  1. Select Tools > Discover > Oracle Databases.
  2. In the Discover Oracle Databases dialog box, select Configure.
  3. In the Configure Oracle Databases dialog box, select one or more listed instances, then select Configure to open a dialog box where you specify credentials for the machines.
  4. Provide credentials for the selected configuration(s).
    To successfully query an Oracle Database, you must provide valid Oracle Database credentials. The username and password must have select permissions for the following tables:


    Recommended: If you selected a single configuration, select Test before proceeding, to make sure a connection can be established.

  5. Select OK to save your configuration and return to the Configure Oracle Databases dialog box. The checkbox for the configuration(s) you just entered is selected, which means Oracle licensing information will be discovered next time you run discovery or scheduled discovery runs.
  6. Repeat steps 3 – 5 to add additional discovery configurations.
  7. Select the check boxes next to configurations on which you want to run discovery.
    • To run discovery on all of your configurations, select Check All.

      - or -

    • Clear all configurations by selecting Uncheck All, then select the check boxes next to the individual configurations on which you want to run discovery.
  8. Select OK to return to the Discover Oracle Databases dialog box. Oracle Database discovery configuration is now complete and available to run, as described next.

Run Oracle Database Discovery

You can run Oracle Database discovery immediately after configuration, or later:

  • To immediately run Oracle Database discovery, select Discover.
  • To run it later, select Close. You can return to this dialog box any time you want to run Oracle Database discovery by selecting the Tools menu, pointing to Discovery, and selecting Oracle Databases.

The options you specified during configuration remain in effect until you change them, and all selected processes listed in the Configure Oracle Database Discovery dialog box are run when you select Discover.

Once configured, the Oracle Database discovery process automatically runs at 4:00 AM each Sunday by default.
The timezone in which the discovery and other scheduled tasks are run depends on the timezone where the CAM Administration Service machine is located. For more information, see How Cherwell Asset Management Works in an On-premises Installation or How Cherwell Asset Management Works in a Hosted Installation, depending on whether you have an on-premises or hosted installation, respectively.

To clear this option:

  1. In the Options dialog box, select the Schedule tab.
  2. Clear the check box.

Change how frequently discovery runs in the Windows Task Scheduler.


To verify Oracle Database discovery successfully gathered the data needed for your Oracle instance analysis, open the Configure Oracle Database Discovery dialog box and view the Last Result column.