Textlocal Integration


Textlocal offers a text messaging platform for businesses. CSM integrates with Textlocal so that Textlocal network events and alerts can be tracked within CSM records.

When integrated with Textlocal, the CSM E-mail and Event Monitor watches for Textlocal e-mail alerts in a monitored account. If an incoming e-mail meets a defined condition (ex: Contains an existing Record ID, specific words or phrases in the subject line or body, or is from a specific sender), CSM processes the incoming e-mails according to monitoring rules (defined in the CSM E-mail and Event Monitor), performing Actions, such as creating or updating an Incident, adding records to a Queue, or initiating One-Step Actions. A typical Action would be for CSM to create or update a record (ex: Incident or Event record), populating the record with details from the e-mail message.


  • Configure an e-mail account in CSM so it can access the account where Textlocal alerts are sent.
  • Configure an e-mail monitor that watches the account.

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Steps to Integrate

  1. Configure E-mail Accounts: Configure an e-mail account in CSM.
  2. Implement E-mail Monitor:
    1. Send a test e-mail.
  3. Create an e-mail monitor.