Configure Knowledge Mapping for Solution Search

Administrators use this task to configure knowledge mapping for Solution Search in CSM Administrator for Related Item Navigation. Although there are various ways to configure knowledge mapping, the recommended best practice is to configure them within the same Blueprint used to configure related knowledge sources and Solution Search Properties.

This task is part of a larger workflow: Configure Solution Search Workflow.

Previous Task: Configure Knowledge Sources for Solution Search.

To configure knowledge mapping for Solution Search:

  1. Within the Blueprint created in the first task in this workflow, select Managers > Knowledge > Knowledge Mapping.
    The Knowledge Mapping window appears.

  2. In the Search from drop-down list, select the Business Object (example: Incident).

    For the purposes of configuring the Related Item Navigation Solution Search functionality in the CSM Browser Client, you only need to configure the list of Knowledge Sources. All other fields on this window are applicable to the Knowledge Pane functionality in the CSM Desktop Client only.

  3. In the Knowledge Sources section of the window, Add or Remove items from the list (example: Known Errors, Knowledge Articles).
  4. Select OK.
    These knowledge sources are now available for use when configuring Solution Search Properties. See Configure Solution Search Properties.

    When configuring internal Solution Search Properties, only the internal knowledge sources will appear (example: Known Errors, Knowledge Articles, Open Incidents).

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