Use Microsoft Teams in the Related Items Pane

If the Microsoft Teams integration is configured for a Major Business Object, you can use it from the Related Items pane of a saved record to view and participate in Teams conversations without leaving CSM.

To access the Chat function in the Related Items Pane, you must ensure that it is made visible. To do this you must enable the eye icon next to Chat in the Form Arrangement Editor. See Configure Related Item Navigation.

Use the Teams integration to:

  • Create a team or channel from a Major Business Object record.
  • Invite other CSM users to the channel.
  • Send messages to the Teams channel from a CSM Business Object record.
  • View the most recent conversations, up to 25. Newer conversations are added to the bottom of the list.
  • Refresh the chat history to view the most recent 25 conversations.

Only basic formatted items are visible in the Related Items pane Teams chat, items that have special formatting (example: Images, embedded videos) are not visible.