Define Options for a Bar, Column, Line, or Scatter Chart Widget

Define the following options for a Bar, Column, Line, or Scatter Chart Widget series. Each series can have its own individual set of properties:

  • Criteria: Data/records to include in the chart (example: Open Incidents). Data is located/filtered using a saved Search Query (Saved Search) or a custom Search Query.
  • X-Axis: Values for the x-axis (example: Dates, Statuses, Priorities, etc.).
  • Y-Axis: Values for the y-axis (example: Number of Records, Function, or Duration).
  • Grouping: When and how values are grouped (ex: Multiple priority bars are grouped by date).
  • Custom Colors: Custom colors for the parts of the chart (example: Bars, columns, line/scatter points). These override the default Dashboard Theme colors.
  • Combine Values: When and how to combine negligible values.
  • Analysis: Analysis formulas (example: Forecasting/trend lines).
  • Drill-Down: Drill-down behavior (ex: Go to a Record List, Execute a command, or Go to a Dashboard).
  • Point Label Format: Format text and numbers for point labels on a chart series. Formatting options vary by category (Number, Currency, Percentage, or Custom).
  • Display: How to display point label and tooltip values on a chart series (overrides point label formatting options).