Search Results List Widgets

A Search Results List Widget displays a list of records (as links or in a Grid) that meets a search criteria. Use a Search Results List Widget to display a list of:

  • My open Incidents
  • My Team's Tasks
  • Announcements

Good to know:

  • A Search Results List Widget is highly configurable; define the general properties (example: Title and Business Object association), display properties (example: Grid or as clickable links), search criteria (ex: Saved Search or a custom Search Query), date range, and refresh rate.
  • By default, a Search Results List Widget acquires its text, color, border style, and background style properties from the defined Dashboard Theme. However, you can define your own properties, if needed.
  • You can select multiple results and use a One-Step™ Action to make changes to those records at the same time.
  • Use refresh on Widgets where the data is likely to change (example: A Widget displaying Incident data).
  • A dashboard's refresh properties determine whether or not to use the dashboard's scheduled refresh instead and/or allow its Widgets to refresh themselves in addition to the dashboard's scheduled refresh. See Dashboard Refresh in the Dashboards documentation.
  • Refresh executes only when a Widget is active and being displayed. If you leave a dashboard and come back to it, the data will be automatically refreshed and the refresh timer will start over.