Configure Email Credentials

Set up email credentials using the Email Credentials Manager in CSM Administrator.

You can only configure email credentials if you have the Can administer email credentials security permission.

CSM uses server-side authentication to manage email primarily through the Automation Process service and the Email and Event Monitor. Office 365 and G Suite do not offer account restrictions for this flow, but CSM keeps credential-based email accounts secure through encrypted access tokens stored on CSM servers. In addition, email credentials can only be created and modified in CSM Administrator by a user with the Can administer email credentials security right. For Office 365, you must grant the Azure App full access to Exchange Web Services (EWS). See Daemon app that calls web APIs - app registration. For G Suite, you must enable domain-wide delegation. See Control G Suite API access with domain-wide delegation.

We also recommend these CSM settings to secure credential-based email accounts:

To set up email credentials:

  1. Open the Email Credentials Manager.
  2. Select the New button, or edit an existing set of credentials.
  3. In the General page, provide a Name and Description.
  4. Choose a Credential Type.
    • Office 365
    • Google Authentication

    Depending on the credential type you choose, a corresponding page appears in the page section.
  5. Select the page for your chosen credential type.
  6. To convert existing password-based email accounts to use credentials:
    1. Edit the email account you want to update.
    2. Select the Use Credentials-Based Authentication check box.
    3. In the Account Information section, select the appropriate credentials in the Credentials menu.