Edit a Language Pack

Use the Language Pack Editor to translate and manage strings in a Language Pack.

Each Language Pack contains a row for each string for the scope chosen when the Language Pack was created.

Language Pack Editor

  1. Language Pack toolbar
  2. Language Pack Grid
  3. Language Pack row count
  4. Filter options

The Language Pack Toolbar

Icon Action Notes

Save changes you make to the Language Pack.


Update the Language Pack with strings from new definitions.

See Refreshing a Language Pack.

Export the Language Pack to a .tsv file.

See Export a Language Pack.

Select a machine translator and translation options for the Language Pack.

See Using Machine Translation.

Add a row to your Language Pack.

This feature is useful if you want to pre-translate strings in the Language Pack and apply them to your system as part of the Language Pack.

Open an Item Details page for a specific string. You can then add or modify the target value and comments.

See Editing a String Row.

Delete selected rows from the Language Pack.

When you delete a row, translations are not applied for the target culture.

You can only delete unlocked rows.

If you delete a row and later want to restore it, you can update the strings from the definition. See Refreshing a Language Pack.

Undo the last change in the Editor.


Redo the last change in the Editor.


View the history of changes to strings for the current editing session.

See Working with String Change History.

Find source and target strings and replace target strings.

See Finding and Replacing Strings.

Copy the source value for selected strings to the target value.


Lock selected rows so they cannot be edited or deleted.


Unlock selected rows so they can be edited or deleted.


Set the status for selected string rows.

See Setting Status for Strings.

Apply a pre-defined filter to the Editor.

Choices are:

  • Hide locked items
  • Hide items not containing whole words
  • Hide items containing Expression Tokens and Rich Text strings
  • Show only items containing Token Expressions
  • Show only items containing Rich Text strings

Select Clear Filter to remove the filter applied to the strings list.

To create a custom filter, see Creating a Custom Filter for the Language Pack Editor.

Select the previous row.


Toggle between the row view and the detailed view.


Select the next row.


View statistics for the Language Pack. See Viewing Language Pack Statistics