Managing Controls on Translated Forms

You can modify the size and location of Form controls for each Adaptive Layout for each Form.

This enables you to use a single Form for all cultures by adjusting the Form for Users of various cultures.

For example, the English text for a Form control may be shorter than the German text for the same control. You can expand the size of the control for German without impacting the size of the control for English.

Modifying Forms for Multiple Cultures

To modify Forms for multiple cultures:

  1. In CSM Administrator, create a Blueprint.
  2. Create or edit a Form.
  3. Use the culture selector to switch to the culture you want to modify for the Form.

    The Form should appear the same for all cultures, except you may have translated strings if you previously translated and applied strings.

  4. Modify a control on the Form. For example, move a control or resize it.

The changes you make apply only to the culture where you made the change. To apply changes to multiple cultures, see the following section.

Applying Form Values to Multiple Cultures

To apply Form control size and location settings to multiple cultures:

  1. Select a control on a Form.
  2. Right-click on the control, and then select Localization Options > Copy Between Cultures.
  3. You can then:
    • Copy values from one culture to the culture you are currently viewing.
    • Copy values from the current culture to one or more other cultures.
    • Select Copy size, Copy position, or both.
    • Click Apply.

The size and position values for the control are copied to the selected cultures.

Setting Tab Order for Multiple Cultures

You can set tab order, also known as tab stops, for each culture for a single Form. Use the culture selector to select a culture, and then follow the steps in Set Tab Order on a Form.