Configure Logging for a CSM Service, Web Application, and Cherwell REST API

Use the Cherwell® Server Manager to configure logging for CSM services, CSM Web Applications, and the Cherwell REST API. Logging records significant events and errors, and is used for troubleshooting.

Logging can be configured to go to an event log, a file locations, or a Splunk server. For more information about integrating Splunk and CSM, see Splunk Integration and

You can configure separate logging for:

  • Cherwell Application Server

    The Cherwell Trusted Agent Service logs messages through the Cherwell Application Server and will follow the Cherwell Application Server's log settings. See Trusted Agent Logging.

  • Cherwell REST API
  • Cherwell Service Host and its microservices (Automation Process Service, Email and Event Monitor Service, Mail Delivery Services, Scheduling Service, and System Event Processing Service)
  • CSM Web Applications

Use these guidelines to configure logging:

  • Consider logging debug messages (debug and above) to a file or to Splunk, and not to an event log. CSM logs numerous debug messages, so a log would be slow and might require more resources. When logging is enabled for the Cherwell Application Server, the logging settings will also apply to the System Upgrade and System Restore Utilities.
  • Logging may need to be enabled for multiple services. For example, if you use CSM Desktop Client with a 3-tier connection using Trusted Agents, enable logging for the Cherwell Application Server and the Trusted Agent Service.
  • Best practice is to separate each server or application to point to its own logging file.
  • If you log to a file for the CSM Web Applications, the log file must be stored in a location accessible to the account that IIS uses to run the CSM sites. This is typically the ApplicationPoolIdentity, also referred to as the IUSR account. To prevent security issues, do not configure the IIS Application Pool to use the LocalSystem account.
  • You can use the Log Viewer utility to view logs in CSM Administrator, but you must save logs to files.
  • Logging can be enabled for each instance of the Desktop Client. For more information, refer to Configure User General Settings.

To configure logging:

  1. Select Start > All Programs > Cherwell Service Management > Tools > Server Manager.
  2. Select a service from the Server drop-down list.

    If you select the Cherwell Service Host, logging is enabled for all microservices. To configure logging for specific microservices, select Cherwell Service Host, select Logging, and then select the microservice from the Services list.

  3. Select Logging.

    The Logging Options window for the selected service opens.

  4. Define logging options for the selected service. See Logging Options.
  5. Select OK.