Problem Manager Roles and Tasks

Problem Management Roles

Problem Manager Tasks

Problem Management Roles

The following users typically work with oroblem management:

Problem Manager

Service Desk Analyst (SDA)

Problem Review Board (PRB)

Problem Manager

Problem Managers are responsible for the following:

Managing the lifecycle of all problems.

Preventing incidents from happening.

Minimizing the impact of unavoidable incidents.

Making temporary solutions (workarounds) available to incident management.

Developing final solutions for known errors.

Performing trend analysis of important services or historical incidents.

The problem control process aims to handle problems in an efficient way. Problem control identifies the root cause of incidents and reports it to the Service Desk.

Problem Managers can perform the problem management tasks described in this section. While it is possible that other roles provide similar capabilities, there is no guarantee that other roles provide exactly the necessary permissions and capabilities as the Problem Manager. We strongly recommend that you log in as a Problem Manager before performing the Problem Manager tasks described here. However, in your organization, you might have permissions to work in multiple roles. Check with your administrator.

Activities of the Problem Manager include:

Problem identification and recording. See Working with Problems and Problem Management.

Problem investigation and diagnosis.

Identifying underlying causes of incidents and preventing recurrences.

Developing workarounds or other solutions to incidents.

Submitting change requests to Change Enablement as required to eliminate known problems.

Recording, managing, and advancing the problem by escalating to an elevated level of expertise, if appropriate, by integrating with Change Enablement, incident management, and configuration management.

Creating tasks to work on the problem resolution. See Creating Tasks.

Problem resolution and closure. See Resolving Problems and Closing Problems.

Analyzing historical data to identify and eliminate potential incidents before they occur.

Identifying users to actively monitor and oversee the problem resolution process. See Problem Review Board (PRB).

Service Desk Analyst (SDA)

Service Desk Analysts can work in problem management as the support staff assigned to complete tasks or resolve problems. See Working on a Task.

Service Desk Analysts can also own incidents that are related to problems. Service Desk Analysts log potential problems while working on incidents. See About Identifying a Problem

Problem Review Board (PRB)

Any Service Manager user can be a member of the Problem Review Board. Problem Managers assign individuals to review problems, verify fixes, and manage the entire process if necessary. See Problem Review Board (PRB).

Problem Manager Tasks

Problem Managers research the root causes of incidents, make temporary solutions (workarounds) available, and develop final solutions for known errors. Problem Managers engage in proactive problem management by analyzing trends or historical data of incidents and services.

The default workspaces for Problem Managers are:

Social Board





Change Calendar


and many more