Using Layouts

A layout is what you see when viewing a workspace; a collection of forms, tabs, lists, and splitters that displays a parent record and its child records. The layout shows you a complete view of a parent record. The parent record appears as a form with its child records displayed under a series of tabs. Layouts use forms to present the user with fields in which they can enter data for a specific record. Layouts generally show a list of records at the top part of the window, and a preview section of a selected record at the bottom.

Layouts enable you to define which business objects and fields are available to specific users. Layouts are designed with a role in mind, and contain the lists and forms that the role can use. Multiple roles can use a layout. A layout can contain tabs, which in turn hold forms.

After defining a role, create the layout, then assign the layout to the role.

Layouts appear in an application workspace and include two main areas:

Parent Record: This area shows the active parent record (for example, an employee record). A parent record is a form, usually at the top of the work area. Each parent record has a toolbar to help you navigate between parent records and access operations.

Child Records: This area shows the child records (for example, attachments and notes) of the active parent. Child records usually appear in a series of tabs grouped with a splitter. Each tab represents a child business object, and individual records are displayed on each tab. View the list of records in a list or view an individual record as a form or a form summary. The child record toolbar helps you navigate between child records and perform operations.

Neurons for ITSM comes with several default layouts that are designed for your business needs. As an administrator, you can use these layouts, edit them, delete them, or create your own.

Viewing Layouts

Creating a Layout

Adding a New List View

Adding a New Form View

Editing a Layout

Localizing a Layout

Deleting a Layout

Hiding a Tab on a Layout

Making Layouts Available to Users

Assigning Layouts (Workspaces) to Roles

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