You can view a number of dashboards in the Home workspace that relate to your current user role. A drop-down list in the upper left corner of the page shows the currently available dashboards. Some user roles have access to other dashboards that aren't initially displayed, but which may provide access to additional information—these dashboards are added by each user and are for their own use.

To see all available dashboards for your user role

1.Open the Home workspace.

2.Below the Home tab, open the dashboards drop-down, scroll down to the bottom, and click All Dashboards in the bottom right.

Click All Dashboards to view all available dashboards for your user role.

3.In the resulting list, select the check box next to each dashboard you want to view.

4. At the top of the list view, click the More Actions drop-down and select Add to my dashboards. You can also use this drop-down to remove a dashboard from view, pin a dashboard to the watchlist, and so on. For details about the watchlist, see Pinning items.

5.Click the icon to save the changes and go back to the dashboard view. Dashboards you selected will now be available as an option from the drop-down below the Home tab.