Configuring Your Patch for MEM Settings

Installing the Patch for MEM plug-in will add three new workspaces to the Software Library > Software Updates > Ivanti Patch folder. The new workspaces are named Automation Scheduler, Updates and Published Third-Party Updates. The first time you try to access one of these workspaces, the setup wizard will be launched.

The wizard will step you through the tabs involved in the setup process. Patch for MEM is ready to use immediately after you complete the setup and save your settings. You can return to these settings at any time using the Settings button on the Home tab.

After reviewing the information on the Welcome tab, click Next.

The first setup tab is the WSUS Server tab.

Setting Levels

There are three different configuration setting levels that are used within Patch for MEM.

Unified settings: Most settings are shared with all other users of the product. These settings are shared regardless of where or who you are when you access the console. This simplifies the setup process for other users and for yourself if you move between consoles. All Smart Filters are also shared.

User settings: The follow program settings are uniquely configured for each user on each console machine. This means the choices you make are unique to you. If there are multiple users, each user will specify their own unique settings on each machine.

Application Source Folder location

Use a local source folder

Local source folder location

Place all updates downloaded during publication into the local source folder

Update package language display option

User-specified language check boxes

Intune credentials

Don't remind me again check boxes on notification dialogs

Machine settings: The following settings are shared by all users on the same machine:

Proxy configuration

Connection string to reach the settings database

Console license