What's new

See below for a list of what's new in each Xtraction release.

New for 2022.1

Capability to execute actions on external MobileIron data. Xtraction has long been used for reporting on data from external data sources, but it hasn't been possible to directly manipulate the records being reported on from within Xtraction. With this release, you can now configure, as part of the data model, API calls specifically for use with the MobileIron connector. These actions display in the Xtraction web interface and are available for executing from record lists. Upon selecting an action, an in-context message will display the results of the call, whether successful or not.

For instructions on how to configure the MobileIron connector, see the Data Model Editor User Guide (PDF).

Continued enhancements to highlight rules. From the Highlight Rules tab in the List Component properties dialog, it's now possible to add conditions to datetime fields that are included as columns in a record list. Furthermore, the highlight rules for rows and individual cells are now separated so it’s easier to see the order in which the rules will be executed. For details, see List (record) components in the User Guide.

Ability to export editable-layout dashboards. You can now export these dashboards as individual components or to a template. For details, see Dashboard Designer in the User Guide.