What's new

Review this topic for a list of what's new in each Xtraction release.

New for 2021.2

Improvements to the template designer. When you export a dashboard or document to a Word template, Xtraction now uses image placeholders instead of tables, much like it did in past versions. For details, see Dashboard Designer or Document Designer in the User Guide.

Ability to design your own dashboard layout. You can adjust predefined dashboard layouts to suit your needs or create a custom layout from a blank canvas. You can save and reuse your layout design with different dashboards. For details, see Dashboard properties, alerts, and defaults in the User Guide.

Enhancements for advanced filters. You can now save advanced filters and load the settings across sessions. You can also merge a newly created advanced filter with a previously saved standard filter, then save the combined settings as an advanced filter. For details, see Filters in the User Guide.

Integration with the Identity Broker feature of Ivanti Identity Director. To preview how Identity Broker integrates with Xtraction, contact your Ivanti representative for details.