About the Enterprise Connector

The Enterprise Connector is a component that connects Ivanti EPMM to corporate directories, such as Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP, by means of secure HTTPS connections. Multiple connectors can be used for scaling and redundancy purposes. Requests go to all configured Connectors, but only one responds to the request. Should one fail, all the requests are handled by another working Connector.

The Ivanti EPMM Connector does not support certificate-based authentication. This means that once you enable Connector service, the Upload X509 Certificate option in LDAP preferences is not available.

The Enterprise Connector is not domain-specific and therefore every connector must be able to reach every LDAP server.

Installation and configuration tasks

Complete the following tasks to install and configure the Enterprise Connector:

  1. Complete preparations listed in Chapter 1, Pre-deployment tasks.
  2. Configure the Enterprise Connector on Ivanti EPMM (Configuring Ivanti EPMM for an Enterprise Connector).
  3. Install the Enterprise Connector ISO package (Installing the Enterprise Connector ISO package).
  4. Install the Enterprise Connector with the Configuration Wizard (Installing with the Configuration Wizard).
  5. Configure the Enterprise Connector (Configuring Enterprise Connectors).
  6. Verify the Ivanti EPMM connection (Verifying the Ivanti EPMM connection).