What's new in Application Control?


In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

Event Viewer feature

The Event Viewer is a powerful new query tool that allows you to view, filter, search and group events based upon their event type. The query results can be used to modify or create configuration rules instantly using simple drag or copy gestures.

Query results are available in a summary view which include user count and frequency totals, or as a simple grid listing each event separately. The summary view provides immediate visibility of any specific issues impacting your users.

All queries can be easily customized to focus on specific time periods, users or machines and then filtered or searched to identify specific event attributes.

Refer to Event Viewer for more information.

The following videos provide an introduction to Event Viewer feature:

Event Viewer - Overview (6m)

Example use-case: Privilege Discovery (4m)

Quick access toolbar

Additional buttons are now included in the Quick Access toolbar. These enable you to:

Open Configuration from the Management Center

Save the current configuration to an alternative destination.