What's new in Application Control?


In addition to code enhancements and bug fixes the following features are included:

Policy Change Request integration with Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

The existing Policy Change Request feature enables end users to request specific policy changes from their system service desk or administrators using email or telephone communication. Application Control 2021.3 extends that capability to integrate with Ivanti Neurons for ITSM. The integration enables the request to be logged directly with the Service Desk and managed through optimized service desk workflows automatically. It ensures that policy change requests are processed according to best practice in your organization and all requests are audited enabling future review of the policy alterations. Once the request has been confirmed, the policy can be actioned, approved and deployed to the appropriate device via automation.

Refer to Policy Change Requests for further information.

Event Viewer enhancements

The Event Viewer feature was introduced in Application Control 2021.1 and provides a powerful query tool for audited event data. The 2021.3 release delivers a number of enhancements ranging from minor changes to pre-configured views; to the ability to specify a Deployment Group as part of the query and the ability to save the results of a query for working offline.

Refer to Event Viewer for further information.

UAC Replacement enhancement

The UAC user message box can now be configured to prompt users to provide a reason for their elevated privilege requirement. In addition, the value of the reason supplied is saved as an audit event enabling further analysis of user actions. Refer to UAC Replacement.

Advanced Settings updates

In response to feedback and to improve usability, the following advanced settings changes are included:

The DisableSESecondDesktop custom setting is now off by default. Refer to Advanced Settings

BrowserInPrivatePolicyManage custom setting has been added to disable the management of private browsing policy setting in Application Control. The use of this setting enables private browsing policy to be manged by an external source. Refer to Advanced Settings.


Telemetry data can help us measure the quality, scalability, reliability, and capabilities of our products. It can provide us with a wide view of deployment and adoption data and so enable us to make the best-informed decisions on future developments of our products.

Application Control 2021.3 introduces telemetry for license data. Information supplied by the agent is in-line with our existing EULA agreement and does not include any sensitive or personally-identifiable data.

Refer to Telemetry for further information.

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