Installing/Upgrading the CAM Agent

You can install the CAM Agent via the Setup Wizard or manually, step by step. You can upgrade manually or automatically.

Installing the CAM Agent

When starting CAM Administrator, you are prompted to run the Setup Wizard to install the CAM Agent and perform several tasks to get Cherwell Asset Management up and running. In order to inventory and/or meter machines in your network, you need to install the CAM Agent on each of them.

To install the CAM Agent outside of the Setup Wizard, select one of the following for step-by-step instructions:

Updating/Upgrading the CAM Agent on Machines

It's recommended that you upgrade agent machines to the current version when possible. To see which version of the CAM Agent is available, see the Status panel. This panel also tells you how many machines are running earlier versions of the agent; pre-10.0 versions are not supported.

Tip: You can automate the upgrade process using the agent self-upgrade feature.