Define a Tooltip for a Control

Use the Form Editor (accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator) to define a tooltip for a form control.

A tooltip uses an expression to determine the tooltip text. For example:

  • Enter the text and/or Tokens to display in the Expression text box.
  • Display text from a Business Object field.
  • Create a Tooltip field to store the tooltip text, and then use an expression key to display it.

Good to Know:

To define a tooltip for a control:

  1. Open a form in the Form Editor.
  2. Select a control.
  3. On the Form Editor toolbar, select the drop-down arrow on the Tooltip button Tooltip Button, and then define the expression (condition) to determine the tooltip text, using either:
    • Expression Manager: Opens the Expression Manager, where you can select an existing stored expression or create a new stored expression to use. Stored expressions can be reused in numerous places in CSM.
    • Custom expression: Opens the Custom Expression Builder, where you can create a custom expression to use only for this scenario.
  4. Publish the Blueprint to commit the changes, or save the Blueprint to continue making other changes.