CSM provides an extremely powerful search engine and a host of search tools to help you efficiently and thoroughly search and filter your CSM data to locate a specific record or a set or records.

  • Quick Search: This is a simple, single-use query that quickly displays search results according to the default sort order of relevancy ranking.
  • Knowledge Search: Use the Quick Search Widget or Knowledge Pane to run a search for Knowledge sources. For more information, see Quick Search Widget or Search for Knowledge Using the Knowledge Pane.
  • Query Builders: Available Query Builders are Stored Query Builder, Quick Search Query Builder, and Custom Query Builder. There are many OOTB saved searches in the Search Manager to use and re-purpose to meet your needs. Familiarizing yourself with these OOTB saved searches could save you time and give you a starting point for searches you may only need to modify.
  • Solution Search: CSM Browser Client provides a Solution Search from within a record.
  • All Words or Any Words: Searches can be performed in a variety of ways using this logic.