Globalization Workflows

Workflow for Translating Strings

Follow this general process to translate strings.

Task Notes
1. Populate your system with cultures.

See Manage Cultures.

2. Define security by assigning cultures to Roles or to Users.

See Configure Security for Cultures.

3. Create Language Packs.

See Create a Language Pack.

4. Translate strings. Use one of these approaches:
  • Perform Bulk Updates

    Export a Language Pack, and then send the Language Pack to a translator. After strings in the Language Pack are translated, you can import the file back into your system.

  • Perform Updates in the Language Pack Editor

    Use the Language Pack Editor to translate a small number of strings or modify existing translations.

  • Use Machine Translation

    Apply machine translations to a Language Pack. Currently, the Google Cloud Translator is supported.

  • Perform On-the-Fly Updates

    Translate strings as you manage CSM features, such as forms, One-Step Actions, and expressions. This method is recommended for maintaining an existing translation.

5. Apply Language Packs to your system. When you apply Language Packs, a Blueprint is created.

See Apply a Language Pack.

6. From the Blueprint created when you apply a Language Pack, use the Definition Reviewer to review the impact of your translations on Forms, Grids, and Form Arrangements. You can modify these visual elements as you review them in the Definition Reviewer.

See Review Visual Elements for All Business Objects.

7. Publish the Blueprint that contains the Language Pack.

See Publish a Blueprint.

8. Verify that your Portal strings have been translated and add the Language Selector to each Portal Site. See Translating Strings for Portal Sites.
9. Enable cultures so that translations are visible to Users.

See Enable and Disable Cultures.

Workflow for Distributing Language Packs

You can distribute translated strings to various target systems by adding Language Packs to a Blueprint or mApp Solution. After the Blueprint or mApp Solution is published, apply the included Language Packs to your target system.

Follow this general process to distribute Language Packs:

Task Notes
1. Create Language Packs.

See Create a Language Pack.

2. Translate strings using one of the approaches listed in the table above.  
3. Create a Blueprint or mApp Solution. See Create a Blueprint or Create a mApp Solution.
4. Add the Language Pack to the Blueprint or mApp Solution. From the Blueprint or mApp Solution, select Managers > Language Pack Manager, and then select the Language Pack.

Then, right-click and select Add to Blueprint or Add to mApp.

5. Publish the Blueprint or apply the mApp Solution to a target system. See Publish a Blueprint or Apply a mApp Solution.
6. Apply the Language Pack. See Apply a Language Pack.