mApp Solution Workflow

  1. Create a mApp Solution.
  2. Define mApp Solution properties, including any content protection.
  3. Save the mApp Solution to a named .mAppBP file (File > Save As).
  4. Add/edit definitions and items to the mApp Solution:
  5. Periodically save your changes.
  6. Periodically scan the mApp Solution for potential errors.
  7. View the changes the mApp Solution will make to the target system's definitions when the mApp Solution is applied.

    If you have protected the mApp Solution then the existing Business Object fields, relationships etc. can only be merged instead of overwritten.

  8. Prepare the mApp Solution for distribution by validating that it is complete and ready for distribution.

    At this point, the mApp Solution must be saved as a .mApp Solution file. This is required in order for it to be applied using the Apply mApp Wizard.

  9. Test the mApp Solution in a separate development environment.
  10. Distribute the mApp Solution file directly to potential users, or submit it to the Go to the Ivanti Marketplace (formerly the mApp Exchange).
  11. Apply the mApp Solution to a CSM system using the Apply mApp Wizard.

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