Steps to Create a Custom Security Design

Complete the following steps to create a custom security design.

CSM is shipped with an OOTB security design complete with OOTB Security Groups, OOTB Roles, OOTB Teams/Workgroups, and OOTB security settings. We recommend that you start with this design, and then tailor it to meet your needs.

To create a custom security design:

  1. Review the OOTB security design: To understand the OOTB Security Groups, Roles, and Teams/Workgroups.
  2. Design your security model:
    1. Identify which Security Groups you will need and the defined set of security rights (access to functionality and data) for each.
    2. Identify which Roles you will need.
    3. Identify which Teams/Workgroups you will need.

      Complete the User/Customer Worksheet to determine which Security Group and Teams/Workgroups to assign each User/Customer to.

  3. Create Security Groups.
  4. Create Roles.
  5. Create Teams (for Users) and Workgroups (for Customers).
  6. Add your people:
  7. Configure Security: Configure rights to access security functionality, as well as system security settings (ex: Login, authentication, inactivity, password enforcement, etc.).