Product Page

Under Product View, you can view details about a specific product and perform several actions. To open Product View for a specific product, go to the Products tab and click on its name under the Product column in the table along the bottom.

Product Details

The tiles along the top of the page show details about the latest version of the product:

  • Vendor: Shows the name of the product vendor.
  • Version Details: Shows the version number of the product.
  • Publish Status: Shows the publish status of the product.
  • Last Publish Attempt: Shows the date when the last publishing was attempted.
  • Device Status: Shows a chart depicting the current status of the product by device.
  • User Status: Shows a chart depicting the current status of the product by user.

Product Actions

The table along the bottom of the page allow you to perform the following actions:

  • Publish version: Publish the selected product version to Intune. The Publish Version window opens and prompts you select the Initial Publication Group Assignments. For more details, see Under Group Assignments, specify how to handle group assignment for products:.
  • Delete from Intune: Delete selected published versions of a product from Intune, choosing how to handle supersedence rules if required. For more details, see How to Delete Products from Intune.
  • Configure management: Make configuration changes to the management of the selected product version. For more details, see How to Manage Products.
  • Stop managing: Stop managing the selected product version.
  • Load details: Loads and shows details about the selected product version.
  • Manage sideload: Enables you to sideload files if required. For more details, see Manage Sideloads.
  • View in Patch Intelligence: View the selected product version in Ivanti Neurons Patch Intelligence.

By default, the product table contains the following columns and is sorted by Version name:

  • Version: The version number of the third-party product.
  • Product: The name of the third-party product.
  • Vendor: The name of the product vendor.
  • Status: Icons show which versions of the product are published into Intune:

    Published Published: the version exists in Intune.

    Scheduled Scheduled: the version will shortly be published to Intune using the settings you have configured in Ivanti Neurons Patch for Intune.

    Failed Failed: the publish to Intune failed, see How to Retry Publication Failures.

    Retrying Retrying: a user has requested to retry a failed publish.

  • Status Updated: Shows the date when the product's publication status has last changed.