Patch Intelligence

The risk-based vulnerability management in Ivanti Neurons Patch Intelligence protects your organization from security threats, and evolving risks, by reducing time to patch and prioritizing the most critical patches for deployment. Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence helps you prioritize vulnerabilities based on active risk exposure, reliability, and compliance.

Use Patch Intelligence data to gain a deeper level of vulnerability insight with:

  • Risk-Based Prioritization: Understand your adversarial risk with Vulnerability Risk Rating (VRR), threat-context for exploit and malware insights. VRR is designed to decipher cybersecurity risk, using an algorithm that intelligently separates and elevates the highest risk weaknesses. It takes in the highest fidelity vulnerability and threat data, together with human validation of exploits from penetration testing. Insight into denial of service, privilege escalation, remote code execution, web application, ransomware, and exploit kit vulnerabilities support the risk-based prioritization of the greatest risks in your environment.
  • Patch Reliability: Achieve faster SLAs for vulnerability remediation efforts, with patch reliability to focus testing efforts and reduce time to patch. Reduce your research efforts with crowd-sourced insight from a variety of sources, including reported known issues from vendor, user, and Ivanti sources in one centralized view. The patch downvote gives a quick indicator of a negative experience.
  • Patch Compliance: Use the SLA data to see how compliant the devices are within your environment to identify which devices and patches need prioritizing based on your specific SLA timescales and dates.

To access Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence, navigate to Ivanti Neurons Platform > Patch Management > Patch Intelligence.
Some of the Patch Intelligence features are available only to users with the appropriate role. For further details see Access Control.

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