Patch Details

In the Ivanti Neurons Patch Intelligence summary grid click a patch ID or Name to open the Patch Details page, here you can view further details such as: associated CVEs, list of devices which do not have the patch installed, and any reported issues with this patch.

If you have Ivanti Neurons Patch for Intune on your tenant, the View in Patch for Intune button is present. Select to view the patch details in Patch for Intune.

Overview section

The patch name is followed by the option to place a downvote, to indicate if you have encountered any issues or problems with the patch. If you have not placed a vote you will see the gray thumbs-down icon white thumb down icon to indicate a down vote has not been placed you are only allowed one vote, if this has been used you will see a blue thumbs-down icon blue thumb down icon indicating a down vote has been placed. Next to the icon is the number of down-votes received.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tiles display to provide a patch detail overview:

  • KPI for Windows and Mac: Vendor severity, VRR, Reported issues, and Products affected.
  • KPI for Linux: Vendor severity, VRR, Products affected.

A brief description of what the patch addresses and a link to open the Vendor summary in a new browser tab is also provided.

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