Data import

Asset Administrators can import asset-related data into the ITAM database via:

The Ivanti Neurons Platform, using a connector designed for your data source (for ITAM Cloud only). For details, see Importing from the Ivanti Neurons Platform.

The Ivanti Neurons Platform, by integrating with Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence (in this case, imports are restricted to software-related contracts and contract line items). For details, see Integrating with Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence. (For ITAM Cloud only)

The Ivanti Neurons Platform, by integrating with Ivanti Neurons for Discovery (for ITAM On-Premises installations only). For details, see Integrating with Ivanti Neurons for Discovery (ITAM On-Premises).

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM platform connectors. For details, see the Ivanti Neurons for ITSM online help at As a starting point, refer to these topics:

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Endpoint Manager Connector

Importing and Exporting Data

A set of Excel spreadsheets provided by Ivanti to import data (recommended for an initial data import only and discussed below).

After importing your data, see the Next steps section in Getting started.

Importing data via Excel spreadsheets

Ivanti provides a set of spreadsheets with appropriate columns already created that you can populate with your data and then import directly into the product. These spreadsheets include some sample data to give you an indication of the form your data needs to take. Remember to remove these examples.

The set of spreadsheets you'll want to download depends on your region (USA, EMEA, or Asia) and system landscape (staging or production). In each .ZIP file, you'll find an ImportGuide.DOCX file that lists the recommended order for importing your spreadsheets.

Download the .ZIP file containing the spreadsheets most relevant to your environment as listed below:


Staging – USA-Staging-Import-Templates.ZIP

Production – USA-Production-Import-Templates.ZIP


Staging – EMEA-Staging-Import-Templates.ZIP

Production – EMEA-Production-Import-Templates.ZIP


Staging – Asia-Staging-Import-Templates.ZIP

Production – Asia-Production-Import-Templates.ZIP

Mandatory and allowed values

Some of the columns in the spreadsheets are mandatory, and some are optional. Mandatory columns have bold column headers that require values in every row.

Other columns can take only certain allowed values, which are documented in AM_DataImport_AllowedValues.XLSX. This file is included in each of the above .ZIP files and contains a worksheet for each of the spreadsheets. The worksheets have columns named to match the columns in the import spreadsheets that take only specific values and that show the allowed values for those columns.

It's vital that these columns in your import spreadsheets contain only values matching those in the AM_DataImport_AllowedValues.XLSX file or values that match any new values that you've added to the corresponding validation list.

Populating your import spreadsheets

The first stage of importing is to populate the import spreadsheets with your data.

Importing the spreadsheets

The second stage is to import the spreadsheets via the Administrator Configuration Console's Settings page.

Changing the asset type

Finally, for any specialized devices that imported as a General Asset but require a more accurate asset type, you can change the type using the More drop-down menu.