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Named User Management

You manage user records on the Named User Management page. You can create user records manually or import them. To edit a user record, click it in the data grid.

For information on how to import user records, see Data Import. For more information on using the data grid that the records appear in, see Viewing pages of data.

Named User Management page gears menu

The Named User Management page gears menu has the following options:

Create User – enables you to create new user records manually. For more information, see Creating named users.

User Recognition – enables you to remove duplicate user records. For more information, see Removing duplicate users.

Quick Edit – enables you to update or clear the Location field for multiple selected user records at the same time. For more information, see Locations.

Bulk Delete – in addition to deleting individual records using , you can delete multiple user records with this command. Select the check box alongside the records you want to delete, then click Bulk Delete from the gears menu.

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