Getting started

Xtraction is a visualization software that simplifies, yet enhances, your ability to report on various IT application databases. Use Xtraction to extract, manipulate, and aggregate data from any number of connected data sources into interactive, real-time dashboards, multi-page documents, and custom reports—all from a single web-based interface.

Xtraction has three tools for doing this; access to them is governed by your user role, which the administrator assigns:

Dashboard Designer: Create real-time, interactive dashboards of your target data sources' data. A dashboard can consist of one or more panes, each showing a specific data component. To learn how to create a basic dashboard, see Dashboard Designer.

Document Designer: Use this tool to present a large amount of data as a report when the screen limitations of a dashboard aren't sufficient. For details, see Document Designer.

Report Designer: Create custom reports using standard SQL statements that run outside of the Xtraction component framework. Recommended for advanced Xtraction users only. For details, see Report Designer.

Your current user role determines your access rights for using these tools. If you need different rights, contact the Xtraction administrator.

Xtraction also has tools for:

Scheduling exports: Schedule regular exports of dashboards, documents, and reports in a variety of formats to be delivered via email to key stakeholders. Manage exports as tasks from the Scheduled tasks page. For details, see Scheduling exports.

Defining alerts: Define alerts to monitor the status updates of important data points when you're unable to be at your computer screen. When breached, alerts can notify you via email when those changes occur. Manage alerts from the Alerts list page. For details, see Defining alerts.

An Xtraction session will time out after a certain period to release your license for someone else to use. A pop-up dialog will display with a countdown enabling you to cancel the timeout before the session ends.

The best way to log out is to use the Logout option at the bottom of the page. Simply closing your web browser isn't recommended, since your license may not be immediately released.