Main steps for configuring Docs@Work for iOS (Ivanti EPMM)

Complete the following basic tasks to set up Docs@Work and distribute content sites:

Before you begin 

  • Decide which repositories you want to make available. All repositories you configure for Docs@Work are visible to all users. You can provide select users with instructions for accessing restricted repositories.
  • Decide whether you want to make each repository a published site. Content on published sites is automatically downloaded and mirrored on devices.
  • Collect the following information for each repository:
    • URL for the site
    • type of repository (SharePoint, WebDAV)
    • subtype of repository (Office 365, NetworkDrive, and so on.)

Set up app distribution

Set up Docs@Work

AppTunnel setup

Complete the following additional tasks to set up app tunneling to content repositories.

Attachment control setup

Complete the following tasks to set up attachment control

Docs@Work app behavior setup