New features summary

These are cumulative release notes. If a release does not appear in this section, then there were no associated new features and enhancements

Product nomenclature: This is cumulative documentation and the product names you encounter in this documentation were accurate at the time of publication. Ivanti updates each new section to reflect evolving product nomenclature, but leaves legacy citations intact to ensure proper frame of reference for the reader.

1.44.0 New features summary

  • Support for 6.7" screenshots: This release supports uploading and publishing 6.7” screenshots for iOS apps. A new tab (iPhone 6.7") was added in incapptic DEV Connect page > 3rd Party Audits > Localizable Metadata > Graphic Assets.

  • Rebranding: In the user interface, references to MI Core/MobileIron Core were rebranded to Ivanti EPMM and references to MI Cloud/Mobileiron Cloud were rebranded to Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

  • Support for Failed publishing entry: This release supports the display of Failed publishing entries in the Google Play apps logs.

  • App Overview page enhancements: The App Overview page > Apps menu now displays the Target Name and Bundle Identifier. To change the column display or hide columns, contact incapptic Connect Support.

  • Support for VMware Workspace ONE enhancements:

    1. Seamless app publishing and app status display.
    2. Verification that an app is fully published before allowing the app to be retired.
    3. More robust information in log files (problem analysis, API call failures).